2017-08-29 Live at BAKKEN, Denmark — 4 kommentarer

  1. It was a wonderfull concert you did on Bakken. We were 6 friends in the audience, all between 65-70 so we grew up with the music in the 60´s.
    We all want to give you a big thank you for still playing and performing live after so many years.
    It means a lot for us who grew up then, that ”our” music is still so much alive.
    To bring in the young man on guitar just makes it even more alive. I play guitar myself, and he is really a great guitarist, and the way he falls in in the tunes adds a lot to the music, it sounded really great.
    Bo is still our great guitar-hero in the Spotnicks, and his Amapola version is second to none. We love that tune.
    And Bob singing Midnight special is one of my favourits.
    So thank you guys, and hope to see you soon in Denmark again.

  2. I have only watched the video’s recorded at Dyrehavsbakken, but I must say I think it is a shame how the second guitarist again and again stole the picture and performed his own show! Yes, he is a brilliant guitarist but after all it is BO WINBERG’s Group! Especially in the last tune Orange Blossom Special Bo is completely left alone in his corner and can only watch how good the guitarist is! I think it is a shame that we had to watch this and so embarrassing for Bo! MAYBE it is time to stop live concerts when everybody else in the band steals the picture – it was SO SAD to watch our guitar-hero only standing and watching like a boxer who lost the match!

    • As long as no one is entering the stage against their own will, nothing is embarrassing.

      The lads must have agreed – in unity – to play the concerts like they do, facing the fact, that one of them is now 78 years young.

      If anyone feels that is embarrassing, they are free to stay away from the gigs, as well as watching the video’s.

      Just my two cents.

  3. None of the attendants at ’BAKKEN’ could be doubtfull about, which one of the three bands possessed the absolutely highest musical potential!

    Thanks lads! Keep on keepin’ on.